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Initiated by Akfen Tourism, known for its modern vision and environmental sensitivity, Bodrum Loft was inspired by the outdoor lifestyle people have led for centuries here in Bodrum and is designed as the perfect setting for the modern village life. A sun-kissed Aegean village that balances simplicity and luxury, with 36 fully furnished and lavishly serviced units that feel like your home away from home. The innovative long-term lease plan designed for your convenience allows you to enjoy the services and amenities of a five-star hotel and none of the hassle of maintenance, at a fraction of the cost. Nature is of utmost importance in this 57,000 square meter property designed by Tabanlıoğlu Architects. Sandalwood and citrus trees along with the evergreen shrubs and bushes endemic to the Mediterranean have been preserved throughout. The units blend further into the topography of the area both with their positioning and the natural rocks that were used in construction. The coating on the rocks was prepared using an ancient Aegean recipe of hay and olive oil, applied with traditional methods. Green roofs were preferred to collect precious rainwater that is recycled through a water filtration system and used in irrigation.

The focus in this award-winning project has been creating progressive adaptable spaces around courtyards, through which one- and two-story housing complexes are connected to each other. Patios link all units, and they are embedded in the terrain, which allows, for every unit, stunning views of the beautiful bay. Each unit has a unique floor plan but features rustic, wooden details and mosaics that give this gorgeous property its character.

WAF World Architecture Festival 2017, Berlin Leisure-Led Development-Future / Winner 
The Plan Awards / Hospitality / Winner 
Leaf Awards / Hospitality Building / Completed and Future / Shortlisted